Baby Bathwater Institute


About Baby Bathwater Institute

Baby Bathwater Institute is a membership community for entrepreneurs that focus on building relationships, solving business problems, and gaining new skills.

Baby Bathwater Institute is a fee-based, invitation-only membership organization with approximately 100 to 500 members. It's headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, but members are distributed throughout the nation, as it is a fully remote organization.

Baby Bathwater Institute offers members a variety of benefits. These include access to exclusive global events where like-minded individuals explore new cities and unique adventures.

In order to be eligible for Baby Bathwater Institute, you must apply to an event where initial screening takes place. Attending the event allows the organization's leaders to determine if you're a good match and if you'll receive an invitation to the community.

The organization’s members work at an array of reputable companies, most notably: Paleovalley, Dry Farm Wines, Wellness Mama, BestSelf Co, and Nectar.


Baby Bathwater Institute Facts

Year Founded


Member Count

100 - 500

HQ Location

Boulder, CO

Requires Invitation


Accepts Applications


Has a Mobile App


Offers Publishing Privileges


Annual Membership Fees