The Association for Coaching


About The Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is a leading independent and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practices and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide. Members are professional coaches, academic institutions, trainers, and sponsors of coaching from the third sector through to large corporations. 

The Association for Coaching is a fee-based and remote membership organization with chapters in over 80 countries.

The Association for Coaching offers a variety of benefits to members. These include accreditation opportunities, increased credibility, access to the AC community, professional business development programs, and the chance to contribute thought leadership articles. 

This organization offers networking opportunities via regular events, Co-Coaching Forums, and regional conferences with global AC members. 

Membership tiers are available for Corporations, Organizations, and Individuals. Each level applies different benefits and support depending on the type of coaching/mentorship that's provided. Annual fees also vary based on the selected tier. Individuals who are corporate members can also become part of the fellow community as an AC Fellow Member.

Individual Membership annual dues range from $100 to $500.


The Association for Coaching Facts

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Annual Membership Fees

$100 - $500