Telecommunications Industry Association


About Telecommunications Industry Association

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is a nonprofit organization that supports technology, government affairs, standards, and business performance professionals in enabling high-speed networks, information, and communications technology across all industries. 

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, TIA has over 400 member companies nationwide. Members can participate in technology program working groups and multiple focused communities

The Telecommunications Industry Association offers many benefits to its members. These include access to join and participate in Technology Programs, Standards Development, and Government Affairs initiatives. TIA members gain access to timely ICT industry policy insights, and market research. With the help of TIA, members can create and shape industry standards, advocate policies that impact the industry, and engage with lawmakers and regulators. Members also receive discounts on QuEST Forum participation, events, products, and services.

TIA offers two membership types: Full Membership and Participation. The participation membership has three options: Standards Committee, Technology Program, and Technical Advisory Group. Through Standards Committee Participation, members collaborate with business partners, competitors, and customers to define industry specifications and procedures. TIA's Technology Program brings stakeholders together to address industry challenges and promote technology adoption. Additionally, TIA administers U.S. Technical Advisory Groups, enabling participants to prepare strategic contributions for international standards development. 

Each membership option grants unique opportunities for engagement and contribution within the telecommunications industry. Prospective members may request more information on the membership application process online. 


Telecommunications Industry Association Facts

Year Founded


Member Count

250 - 1,000

HQ Location

Arlington, VA

Requires Invitation


Accepts Applications


Has a Mobile App


Offers Publishing Privileges


Annual Membership Fees