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About Educational Research™ Educational Research™ is one of the most recognized privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organizations in the nation. Their primary initiative is to demonstrate the best in education while supporting top brands, organizations, and educators globally. Educational Research™ is a fee-based organization with approximately 10,000 to 15,000 members. Its members and headquarters are distributed throughout the country, as it is a fully remote organization.

As a trusted industry standard, Educational Research™ offers different credentialing opportunities for various organizations and individuals. Products such as toys and gadgets can be AUTHENTICATED™, educators can be CERTIFIED™, school programs can be ACCREDITED™, and publishers of books and curricula can be REVIEWED™

Recipients of the Educational Research™ quality assurance seal undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they meet the highest standards for STEM education quality. The criteria are developed by the community, for the community, ensuring that it is a decentralized process that promotes STEM equity. The evaluation process includes a comprehensive review of the exemplar's overall effectiveness in promoting STEM education.

The benefits of being credentialed by include increased consumer confidence in your product, access to 1,000+ pages of editable K-12 STEM lessons, SEO prioritization, anti-counterfeit measures, and promotion on social media. 

An annual fee in the range of $100 to $2,500 will be due at the time of joining the organization. Educational Research™ is trusted by various notable companies, such as Staples, Disney, Geomag, and Learning Resources. Educational Research™ Facts

Year Founded


Member Count

10,000 - 15,000

HQ Location

Southfield, MI

Requires Invitation


Accepts Applications


Has a Mobile App


Offers Publishing Privileges


Annual Membership Fees

$100 - $2,500