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About Human Capital Institute

Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a professional development organization dedicated to supporting human resources and talent management professionals in fostering the talent necessary to drive accelerated business results through strategic human capital practices. 

HCI is a fee-based membership organization with a philosophy centered around strategy-focused, action-oriented, research-based, and community-driven approaches to HR strategies. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, HCI operates as a fully remote association, providing accessible resources and opportunities to members everywhere.

HCI’s all-access membership offers a comprehensive range of benefits. With a full year of virtual conferences, members gain exclusive access to cutting-edge insights and industry-leading expertise on the latest human capital trends. Additionally, HCI provides members with five interactive virtual workshops facilitated by world-class faculty. HCI equips members with a strategic HR toolkit consisting of templates, checklists, and surveys, among other practical tools for talent management initiatives. Furthermore, HCI members enjoy ongoing access to expert HR advisors and exclusive discounts on HCI’s certification programs. 

Prospective members can register online for HCI’s virtual annual membership. Membership fees are $1,895 per year. 


Human Capital Institute Facts

Year Founded


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HQ Location

Cincinnati, OH

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Annual Membership Fees

$1,500 - $2,000