Internet Society


About Internet Society

Internet Society is a non-profit organization that stands as a global community of individuals, organizations, and volunteers dedicated to extending the internet’s reach and safeguarding its long-term viability.  

Internet Society boasts approximately 104,681 members and 87 organization members. Headquartered in Reston, VA, the organization hosts an extensive membership base along with 126 active chapters and special interest groups.

Internet Society offers many benefits to its members. These include access to advocacy initiatives and outreach efforts within the organization. Members can take action by planning campaigns, organizing events, volunteering, and joining local chapters. Through these engagements, members assist in bridging the gap between policymakers and the technical community. Additionally, members can enhance their knowledge and grow professionally through online courses and networking opportunities with advocates and experts. 

The Internet Society believes in the internet’s potential to create positive change worldwide. The organization hosts forums for discussion on issues related to the internet’s evolution, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange among its members. Furthermore, the Internet Society provides reliable and trustworthy information about the internet, ensuring members stay informed. 

Internet Society offers both individual and organization membership options. Membership is open to individuals, companies, non-profits, academic institutions, and governmental organizations committed to supporting the internet. Prospective members can enroll online. 

For individual members, there are no membership requirements or fees. However, organizations seeking membership can indicate their interest online and request more information about the joining process.


Internet Society Facts

Year Founded


Member Count

100,000 - 110,000

HQ Location

Reston, VA

Requires Invitation


Accepts Applications


Has a Mobile App


Offers Publishing Privileges


Annual Membership Fees